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We develop health care software products. Our solutions are developed using lean software development. We focus on our partners and customers, we build quality, we enhance learning and we increase flow.

Go to your app store and search for 'Skyscraper Software GmbH' to see some of the mobile apps we've built for our partners. Or click below.

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Yes We Provide Mobile Apps

Mobile Applications

Feature modules

We have developed many different default feature modules, so that we don't have to develop everything multiple times. This way, we can save costs.

Privacy & Security

Privacy and security are important to us. We incorporate modern privacy and security controls into our software design and implementation.


We focus on the different user groups. Be it that they are older Parkinson patiens or therapists, we take the needs of every user type seriously and adjust our User Interfaces accordingly.

Powerful backends

We also develop secure backends, for example for reporting purposes or creating dynamic content.

Development Process

  • 01

    Product idea

    Everything starts with an idea.

  • 02

    Impact Mapping

    Visualize scope and strategic planning.

  • 03

    Product backlog

    Create and maintain a product backlog with features for the minimal viable product.

  • 04

    Iterative and incremental

    Developing the mimimal viable product in iterations and small increments, building qualty in with acceptance test-driven development.

  • 05

    Quality Check

    Final qualtiy check before going live with minimal viable product.

  • 06

    Go Live of the MVP!

    Going live with minimal viable product, get user feedback and plan for a next improvement of the product.

Our years of experience in numbers

We show you our professional achievements in numbers, which show the acquired skills and trust of our partners.

Delighted partners

Completed products

Lines of code

Heroes Behind the Company

Our core team

Our team developing software that fits. We have a flexible workforce, size depending on the current workload. We also employ other specialists like Usability Experts or Graphic Artists as the need arises.

Peter Bruins

CEO, Marketing, Software Development



Software Development


Daniel Diehm

Software Development, Usability

Software Development



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